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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "Mac Week" Top Eps; BCTV Fav Moment
So as theme weeks go, "Mac Week" did a pretty damn fine job honoring Paddy's badass-bouncer-in-his-own-mind. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney announced an FX Networks docuseries with Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) titled Welcome to Wrexham that focuses on the Welsh football club the two purchased Then earlier today, FX on Hulu hosted a live-tweet[...]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Before WandaVision? CharlieVision (Image: FX Networks screencap)
Earlier this week, FX Networks announced that this week had been officially designated "Mac Week" in honor of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and its badass-bouncer-in-his-own-mind Since that time, his real-life counterpart Rob McElhenney has been having a pretty good run of things Already riding high off of great critical and viewer reactions to the second[...]