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Paul B Rainey Wins Observer Jonathan Cape Prize About Meeting Madonna
In 2013, Paul B Rainey wrote in response to a Guardian newspaper feature profiling a number of cartoonists, saying "There are British cartoonists, you know." Seven years later, its sister Sunday newspaper The Observer seems to have noticed, as he has won this year's 13th Observer Jonathan Cape Comica Graphic Short Story Prize, retelling a[...]
Dominique Jackson in POSE Season 2.
Other legendary houses (Dupree, Extravaganza, and Ebony) were created around this time and it grew into the underground counter-culture for those on the fringes of society with no one else to turn to. So how did the ballroom culture become so mainstream and finding itself in everything from Madonna videos to Emmy-winning TV series, with even[...]
Madonna Performed 'Like A Prayer' at the Met Gala Last Night
If you were watching any of the live coverage of the 2018 Met Gala red carpet arrivals yesterday, then you know the hot talk was about the possibility of Madonna being the big secret performer of the night This made perfect sense, really — with the "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" theme, who else embodied[...]
Madonna Has Made A Short Film And You Can Watch It Or Download It For Free Right Now
Madonna has teamed up with Steven Klein and VICE for a new short film, entitled secretprojectrevolution The short was made as part of the Art for Freedom project and was released today online for free. secretprojectrevolution – I'm not convinced about that title – can be downloaded legally via BitTorrent right now in both 1080p or 2K,[...]
Madonna Options Rights To Time Travel Novel
It's not known yet whether Madonna intends to direct, produce or possibly even star in an adaptation of The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells, a time travel novel by Andrew Sean Greer, but she certainly intends to do something with it. The book centres on a woman, Greta Wells, undergoing electroshock therapy and during the treatment[...]