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Alice In Wonderland & Sigma Beauty's Magical Makeup Collection
Sigma has officially launched their vibrant Disney Alice in Wonderland collection that brings the world of magic to makeup An eyeshadow palette, cheek duo, lip duo and brush set are available separately or together as a complete collection As the fall season swings into high gear, there's a lot to be intrigued by with this[...]
Sigma Beauty & Alice In Wonderland Collection Arrives This Fall
This Disney Alice in Wonderland Collection is daring, colorful, and a playground for makeup lovers I hope it entices our clients to dream and dare, and use their imagination to be whoever they want to be." Who in the world is coming to Sigma Beauty… 👀 Stay tuned 9.8.22 💜 Sign up to get notified! 📸 Makeup[...]
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Getting A Makeup Line
Have you ever wanted to have a makeup line that looked like it came from Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, one is on the way! Whether you like the game or not, one of the things that's kind of hard to deny is that Nintendo went all out to develop a color scheme for the[...]
Our Fav 5 Bailey Sarian 'Murder, Mystery, & Makeup' YouTube Vids
The series of videos released typically every Monday entitled, "Murder Mystery & Makeup", includes not only fantastic use of eyeshadow talents but also great research by Sarian herself. Cover for a true crime video by Bailey Sarian Source: YouTube There is an equal weight added to each vital piece of information on the cases and stories told,[...]
snow white makeup
I'm a huge fan of makeup I buy it, I wear it, I love it I even once worked at Estee Lauder I also love Disney, something I'm sure none of you were aware of! At this weekend's D23, Besame Cosmetics unveiled their Snow White makeup line, and it looks fabulous. @BesameCosmetics has a exclusive Snow[...]
MAC Makeup Moves From Wonder Woman To Betty And Veronica
We gave the Wonder Woman makeup from MAC quite the run down and review Now we can start to do the same to Archie! Welcome to M.A.C Archie's Girls, available at on January 30th,  from NYC M·A·C Stores January 31 st, all other US locations February 7th, and international in March. Betty and Veronica –[...]
That Wonder Woman Make Up Line In Full
Here is the full Wonder Woman cosmetic line from MAC, courtesy of Bella Sugar. Expect to see it in stores from March. And some lovely Michael Allred art