Bailey Sarian: Murder Mystery & Makeup – 3 Fav Eps for True Crime Fans

As someone who often needs visuals with their true crime documentaries, it can be difficult to pay attention otherwise. Somehow, the weekly video series by YouTuber Bailey Sarian that includes her discussing the details of mysterious and deadly cases are the ones I pay the most attention to in the true crime world. The series of videos released typically every Monday entitled, "Murder Mystery & Makeup", includes not only fantastic use of eyeshadow talents but also great research by Sarian herself.

Our Fav 5 Bailey Sarian 'Murder, Mystery, & Makeup' YouTube Vids
Cover for a true crime video by Bailey Sarian. Source: YouTube

There is an equal weight added to each vital piece of information on the cases and stories told, with a great amount of respect given to victims and the past. Below are three of my favorite videos so far done by Sarian and they are a perfect place to start your true crime journey.

"The Cannibal Cafe? Murder or Volunteer?": This video discusses a case of cannibalism that addresses the ethical dilemmas involved in a situation that involved mixes of consent to being eaten and the chaos afterward. Sarian does a great job in this YouTube video of getting the details all in and painting a picture of the events as they went down with this strange case and even stranger man.

"Chris Watts – 2000 Page Discovery": When I like a video done on this case more than the documentary done on it by a popular streaming platform, then you know it's good. The case involving Chris Watts is disturbing and upsetting, to say the least, but there is the respect paid to the story by Sarian as she discusses the ins and outs of the entire ordeal. You feel a sense of comfort hearing her talk about what happened due to the way she carefully and knowingly guides her audience through the tough parts, especially involving the two daughters.

"300-Year-Old Werewolf? Richardson Family Case": Teen years can be rough, but then again murder can be way more than rough. Bailey takes on the Richard family case, one out of Canada, and she navigates the difficulty of adolescence, parents disconnecting with their daughter, devastating results from that, and some creeper older dude trying to get with a 12-year-old.

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