Barbie & Glamlite Cosmetics Collection Surfs Up September 30 Launch

Glamlite Cosmetics brings the signature look of Barbie & the feel of a sunny beach vacation to their latest collection. Gisselle Hernandez, a Caribbean immigrant, founded the company back in January of 2018 and quickly went viral with her Pizza Palette. While having a past in both food-inspired collections (Hershey's, Icee and multiple types of sweets) & collaborations with makeup artists such as Mikayla Jane, Glamlite Cosmetics steps into a new territory with this Barbie collection.

The announcement of the September 30th launch of the collection came with some first looks at some of the items and packaging involved. News of the items arrived on their Instagram and the vibes of Malibu Barbie and surfing arrived right away. One of the products shown was the Barbie x Glamlite Surfboard Eyeliner, whose packaging resembles a surfboard itself and has the iconic silhouette of Barbie's portrait on the front. According to their Instagram post, the eyeliner is "beach proof, ultra water-resistant defined felt tip liner is delivered on an iconic Barbie™ surfboard, which guarantees maximum precision with every stroke and allows you to relaaaax on vacayyy knowing that your eyeliner will stay intact!!! Now you'll be able to recreate the signature Barbie™ eyeliner look with ease! – Only $15."

Barbie & Glamlite Cosmetics Collection Surfs Up September 30 Launch
Models holding the Glamlite x Barbie 24-color eyeshadow palette.
Barbie & Glamlite Cosmetics Collection Surfs Up September 30 Launch
Glamlite x Barbie 24-Color Eyeshadow Palette. Source: Glamlite/Facebook

Products in the collection also include the 24-color eyeshadow palette featuring vibrant tropical matte and metallic shades for $40, three different styles of lip trios for $20 and the Glamlite x Barbie Body Glow for $18.

Barbie & Glamlite Cosmetics Collection Surfs Up September 30 Launch
Glamlite x Barbie Body Glow Oil. Source: Glamlite/Facebook.

The blue colored lip trio includes a coral pink toned lipstick, velvety lip liner and a duo chrome high shine gloss. The pink colored lip trio includes a soft sparkly pink lipstick, a mauve lip liner and an ultra radiant shimmer pink iridescent gloss. The yellow colored lip trio includes an ultra creamy brown lipstick, ultra dazzling gold shimmer gloss and a velvety brown lip liner.

According to videos teasing the whole collection reveal, Glamlite Cosmetics is dedicated to "'Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity In All of Us'". The Barbie collection and other products from the company are vegan and cruelty-free. In a comment on the post teasing the collection the other day, Hernandez said it was "The best collection we've done so far!!! Can't wait to show the beauty community what we've created!" Makeup artists, Barbie collectors and a majority of creatives have some colorful and beach-inspired product to look forward to.

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