Green Arrow #41 cover by Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto

Green Arrow #41 Review: A Great Prison Riot Story

Green Arrow has been tasked with accompanying the superpowered rogue known as Parasite into a prison facility after his court hearing. He has been powered down, but a stupid decision from an incarcerated Mammoth results in Parasite having access to immense strength once more. Green Arrow is quickly knocked out by Parasite, and, when Ollie […]

Teen Titans Go! Get A Wave Of Creative Pops Again

Teen Titans Go! has gotten some pretty great Pops. They have been releasing the Titans in various disguises and costumes and they have been a treat to find in stores. The Ravens that were exclusive to Toys R Us were especially cool. So this new wave of TTG Pops are for sure going to be […]