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The Macclesfield From Space – Duck Dare & Hero Hound
I'd contacted him awhile back wondering if he'd be interested in writing a piece on my adventures as a cartoonist in the wild world of comics and to possibly talk about my self-published comic MAN FROM SPACE It seems he runs they a pretty cool paper, interested in what was really going on in the[...]
Space, A Man And A Goldfish With A Gambling Problem
Marc Jackson writes for Bleeding Cool Back in 2010, I created a web-comic and subsequent small-press comic called MAN FROM SPACE It featured a schlubby kind of guy, adventuring around a distant galaxy with an awesome beard, pants, no shoes and a cape He also had a sidekick called Michael who happened to be a goldfish. The[...]
Right To Reply: Man From Space, Is There A Fallacy In The Galaxy by Marc Jackson
He writes; It's time to talk facts. Fact one: My name is Marc Jackson, creator of the intergalactic eye-ball feast MAN FROM SPACE, this much is true. From this point onwards facts two, three, four and beyond, may or may not be as factually accurate as some would hope However sometimes facts, cannot truly be factual in this[...]