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MapleStory adds the Explorer Bowman Pathfinder Class
During MapleStory Fest this weekend in LA, I got to sit down with developers for MapleStory and ask about the upcoming summer updates for the MMO Notably, MapleStory is just starting to move on from its fourteen-year  campaign against the Black Mage, who was finally earlier this year. Fans have wanted to know what was coming after the defeat[...]
MapleStory 2’s Expansive Awakening Update will Hit May 30th
The update details and release date were announced at MapleStory Fest 2019 in LA today The big items for the update are a new class of fighter: the martial arts expert Striker, 9 new dungeons, 4 new raids, and the titular Awakening mechanic. The update is part of Nexon's MapleStory 2  "Project New Leaf" update, though details[...]