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Comic Book Workers United
We are asking our community of supporters to continue emailing, writing, and tweeting that Image Comics can still voluntarily recognize the CBWU. Signed, Emilio Bautista Ryan Brewer Leanna Caunter Marla Eizik Drew Fitzgerald Melissa Gifford Chloe Ramos Tricia Ramos Jon Schlaffman Erika Schnatz The Comic Book Workers United has also listed the following names of supporters to their cause. Jay Edidin, Aimee Fleck, Jim Dandeneau, Kenneth Laster, Rebecca[...]
Marie Enger Sells YA Horror Graphic Novel, Controlled Burn
Marie Enger has sold their new YA horror graphic novel, Controlled Burn, to Whitney Leopard at Random House Graphic. Marie Enger is best known as a colourist, on titles especially working with Matt Kindt, with credits on titles such as Regression, Dept H, Chasing Hitler and Black Hammer, as well as Pistolwhip, 2 Sisters, and We[...]
Regression #8 cover by Danny Luckert
There is some charm in the interplay between Anton and Molly, but it doesn't have a lot to offer in comparison to the Adrian and Wilson plot. Regression #8 art by Danny Luckert and Marie Enger Danny Luckert's art is highly detailed and yet restrained enough to balance the seemingly mundane overtones with the ominous dealings underneath[...]
Winnebago Graveyard #1 Goes To Second Print, Regression #1 Goes To Third
Image Comics gets two more printings out of the door. Regression #1 by Cullen Bunn, Danny Luckert and Marie Enger has sold out of its second printing from Image Comics and is going to third, for the 12th of July. Adrian is plagued by ghastly waking nightmares To understand and possibly treat these awful visions, Adrian reluctantly[...]