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Chopped 420
With the New York State legislature announcing they've finalized a plan to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, the Food Network might have a whole slew of new chefs to compete in the future if the "Chopped" spinoff Chopped 420 catches on Announced on Saturday, the spinoff of the popular cooking competition series sees fur[...]
DCMJ plans to give out free marijuana for people who get the COVID-19 vaccine.
I'm here to talk to you about marijuana, amigos! That's right, El Presidente is always down with getting baked, my friends! And now, you can get protected from COVID-19 at the same time! Washington DC based marijunana advocacy group DC Marijuana Justice has a novel plan to get people to to take a coronavirus vaccine: they're giving[...]
Weeds (Image: Showtime)
The award-winning Matthew Weiner series saw a second syndication deal that landed it on Amazon and IMDbTV internationally and on AMC platforms domestically, with the series debuting on Lionsgate-owned Starzplay across their European and Latin American markets as well as in Japan. Weeds (Image: Showtime) Second, unlike Mad Men, the eight season, award-winning comedy-drama is heading into the[...]
Will the Punisher Punish Recreational Marijuana Users in War of the Realms? (Preview)
Recreational marijuana is a hot topic in the United States right now, earning support from presidential candidates and elected officials and a majority of the population But how does the Punisher feel about it? In this preview of War of the Realms: Punisher #1, Frank Castle busts down the door of a music studio and[...]
Marijuana In The NFL
One of the things about the NFL that had me curious was how they could fine / suspend someone for the use of marijuana in a state where it is legal for recreational or medicinal use I know that there are substances that are banned because, while not illegal, are considered performance enhancing or a[...]
Mile High Comics Sells A Warehouse Thanks To Marijuana Laws
Mile High Comics, the comic book back issue dealer supreme, is selling its Colorado warehouse. And its owner Chuck Rozanski puts it down to the legal marijuana economy increasing property prices so much. After owning the building for 29 years, Rozanski has recently discovered the listing price of the building as almost $1.6 million Which is even more[...]