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A Video Game-Branded Weed Strain Debuts During GDC 2022

In a brilliant strategy designed for DGC, a video game developer has released a weed strain to help promote their game. The game is The Lost & The Wicked, which if you haven't seen it yet is a twin-stick psycho-thriller title created by developers Isaac Torres, Zack Kennedy, and Andrew Diatroptoff. As part of the promotion for the game during the convention, they have partnered with Bay Area company North Country Pharms to create what they are calling the "World's First Video Game Branded Marijuana Strain", which they are calling Wicked Indica.

You can see it here in its own custom jar designed after the video game. The game itself is designed to be a character study about regret, facing your demons, and confronting your past. Throughout the process, you'll be tasked with overcoming several unforgiving enemies and bosses, all while you discover who you are and where you came from. Which sounds like the perfect title you'll need some marijuana for at different points in the game. If you happen to be in San Francisco for the convention, you can check them out at booth N3107 in the GDC Play area from March 23rd-25th.

Wicked Indica, created for The Lost & The Wicked for GDC 2022, courtesy of North Country Pharms.
Wicked Indica, created for The Lost & The Wicked for GDC 2022, courtesy of North Country Pharms.

You wake up surrounded by strange creatures, confused with no memory of your past. Explore and fight your way through the world, defeating monsters and bosses to uncover more about this place, who you are, and how you got here. Are you lost or are you wicked? The calm before the storm… Discover your past, who you are, where you came from… wait how did you get here? What are these creatures? The wicked get faster, stronger and deadlier… but so does your arsenal. Unlock weapons and abilities as you continue on your journey and discover your past. These creatures seem stronger than the rest. The wicked speaks… Fight unique bosses and increase your strength in the process.

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