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From Strip to Script – Batgirl #35
Fletcher (letters), Cameron Stewart (co-writer, breakdowns), Babs Tarr (artist), and Maris Wicks (colors). PAGE FIVE P1 BABS stops herself by snagging the doorframe, scanning the street for the THIEF. P2 She watches him leg it down the sidewalk, heading around the corner of the building. P3 BABS' eyes narrow. – BABS (small)      Catch up Gordon, catch up…what's the quickest route? For[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes For Marvel Now, And DC Comics For All Of 2014 (UPDATE)
Not too many credit changes to report this week, as opposed to last week's monster list. Just that Avengers #37 will be drawn by Mike Deodato, not Stefano Caselli. That X-Force #11 will be drawn by Rock-He Kim, not Tan Eng Huat. And Jordie Bellaire is no longer the colourist for Batgirl #35 as announced, replaced by Maris Wicks. But one retailer fellow[...]
A Jonathan Hickman Page From This Years's CBLDF Liberty Annual
The CBLDF Liberty Annual 2014, supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, is publishing by Image Comics on the 8th October –  with the Final Order Cut-Off date set for Monday. The writers on the comic are Jeff Parker, Stan Sakai, Marc Guggenheim & Tara Butters, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Wood, Amy Chu, Al Ewing, Robin Furth, Luke[...]