Mark Miller

Mark Millar Talks About Lies, Damn Lies And Selling Comic Books

Bleeding Cool has made a small cottage industry in exposing Mark Millar's fake publicity grabs every time a new comic comes out. Turns out we were all part of his plan. In a message board post, he wrote what he calls his Golden Secrets For Comic Creators. A couple are a little misplaced – many […]

So Which Marvel Studio Films Did The Creative Committee Influence The Most?

Bleeding Cool recently reported how the Marvel Creative Committee, most recently consisting of President Alan Fine, Publisher Dan Buckley, CCO Joe Quesada and writer Brian Bendis supported by CEO Isaac Perlmutter, who met to give notes on Marvel's films, was shut down months ago by studio head Kevin Feige, prior to his move to remove Marvel Studios from the wider Marvel […]

13 Ways The Fantastic Four Movie Is Based On Ultimate Fantastic Four (SPOILERS)

The Ultimate Fantastic Four, by Brian Michael Bandis, Mark Miller and Adam Kubert launched in 2004, part of Bill Jemas' initiative to relaunch the Marvel Universe for a new generation Plenty of changes were made And it is this version that the new movie takes its mojo from rather than the 1961 Fantastic Four of Lee[...]