Astonishing X-Men To X-Club For 99 Cents From ComiXology Tomorrow

Along with the post-Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men #25 to #51, better known as the Warren Ellis-to-gay-marriage years, as well as the Xenogenesis and Ghost Boxes spin offs...Coming down the pipe.. If you are enjoying Si Spurrier's run on X-Men Legacy, then his five issue miniseries X-Club will be 99 cents an issue tomorrow on[...]

How To Propose By Arc Reactor

[youtube][/youtube] From Ed's Junk; This is by far one of more more fun projects Ive ever done! A little background first, my girlfriend, now fiancé, has always loved projects I've made and really enjoys them. She has started calling me Tony Stark (which any guy will gladly accept that comparison)  after I created a simple […]

Collectors Cornered #28 – Marvel X-Men Wedding Celebration And Gay Marriage

Unscripted, reality CC.[youtube][/youtube]This week we celebrate the release of Astonishing X-Men #51 with a renewal of wedding vows (Gay Marriage) in the store of two longtime customers, Mikal & Chris Officiated by another regular customer, Stan C About 25 or more friends, family and customers as well as local media showed up for the event[...]

Could "Bullet Training" Be The New "Fridging?" – Earth Two #2 Spoilers

Okay, I gave it a day. Some people complained that yesterday's article about Alan Scott, the as yet-to be Green Lantern of Earth Two, proposing to his boyfriend, was a spoiler. I disagreed, stating that if I'd have run the following page it would be a spoiler. That's going to happen now. You may want […]

The Green Lantern Gay Marriage Proposal

What would have happened if, at the time, DC Comics had noted that in Earth 2 #2, they have their own marriage proposal from to-be-Green Lantern Alan Scott to his boyfriend Sam? Would the press monitors have exploded? Especially when we get the old train-tunnel imagery?[youtube][/youtube]Of course what happens next, in Earth 2 #2 is[...]

Gay Wedding X-Men Gets Massive Reorders

But it looks like orders are ramping up for Astonishing X-Men #51 for the marriage issue pushing aside reorders for Avengers Vs X-Men #1 I think we can guarantee a second print for that book Before Watchmen Comedian also gets a bump, Walking Dead #99 gets a rise,  and Night Of The Owls gets pushed[...]

The Marriage Proposal Of Phoenix Comicon

You're at Comic Con. You get your intended a sketch cover from her favourite artist. It asks her to marry you. Thankfully she doesn't take it as the artist asking her to marry her. She knows it's from you. And reader? She said yes.  

It's Official… Northstar To Wed Kyle

Featuring Northstar asking for his boyfriend's hand in marriage.Not much of a surprise for many.But what happens next.. may be.However it resolves, we know that somehow Northstar, better known as Jean-Paul Beaubier and Kyle Jinadu will be getting married next month Will you save the date?Marvel have let retailers sell Astonishing X-Men #50 one[...]

Marvel's Gay Marriage News To Hit The View

Just as DC Comics is turning the headlines purple with the news at Kapow that a previously established character would be rebooted as a gay person, so Marvel Comics announced they have their own headlines in mind. Tune into ABC at 11a/10a E/C tomorrow as the hosts of ABC's The View exclusively reveal a major […]

A Free Comic Book Wedding Day

Fanboy Comics, in Wilmington, North Carolina, had a very special Free Comic Book Day yesterday. In which comic book fans Adam Mason and Donnita Johnson tied the knot. Using Batman and Wonder Woman wedding rings… WECT6 reports that the pair had a Bridesmaid Leia and a Spider-Best-Man, and the couple dressed as Batman and Wonder […]

Marvel To Release Astonishing X-Men #50 One Day Early

Worried that Marvel's big media release on Tuesday, May 22nd for Astonishing X-Men #50 and the marriage proposal therein will spoil your enjoyment.. of the issue on sale the next day? In which either Northstar or Kyle proposes, and the other accepts,?Never fear! If you can just put off reading the newspapers featuring either Northstar[...]

Lee Barnett Is The Adult In The Room – Super Tuesday And Gay Marriage

It’s a legal absurdity which has rightly and roundly been condemned as intolerant and demeaning.Both sides of the argument do themselves no favours by stating that to them the word “marriage” is important, but that the other side shouldn’t be all that concerned about the word; it is important to both sides, and that should[...]

Taking Apart The Archie Comics Press Release

I bet Mark Millar wishes the marriage of Midnighter and Apollo had this much fuss, but then DC was rather reticent of frightening the horses. The sellout of LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16 – the wedding of Kevin Keller, the first gay character introduced in Archie Comics – received international media attention and capped off a great[...]

Six Changes For Superman #1

Superman #1 by George Perez and Jesus Merino was published today by DC Comics. Now I'm no Supermanologist like some, but even I noticed some major changes, So armed with a scanner and access to Wikipedia, I tried to label a few… 1. Racebending Morgan Edge The Superman badguy media mogal, played by Rutger Hauer […]

DC Relaunch To Claim Another Marriage

But it turns out that the Barry Allen/Iris West Allen marriage is also going the way of Mephisto Editor Brian Cunningham says; "Yes, folks — in the post-FLASHPOINT world, Barry Allen has not only never dated Iris West, but he’s dating someone else entirely in issue #1! And that someone is…his longtime coworker Patty Spivot!"If that[...]

Now Archie Comics Brings Us Gay Marriage

And a gay marriage.Five years ago could you have imagined such a thing? Kevin Keller is Archie Comics' only out gay character The fact that he exists is a major jump in thinking for the company Then he got his first mini-series, now an ongoing comic series starring the character.Then today at the Gays In[...]

Top Five Ways The Lois / Clark Marriage Could End

Bleeding Cool ran the story yesterday that Dan DiDio has seemingly rung the death knell for the marriage of Lois Lane and Superman But how will it happen? Here are a few suggestions.1 Superman does a deal with Neron to bring back his dead dad, in exchange for the sacrifice of his marriage.2 Pink Kryptonite3[...]