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New Art Team for the Black Cat Annual #1
They may be teasing a marriage between Spider-Man and Black Cat in the upcoming Black Cat Annual, that simultaneously trolls the fans still annoyed about One More Day, as well as the Batman fans still annoyed at the Batman/Catwoman non-marriage. But it appears that the book will have a brand-new art team, as opposed to what[...]
Mera to Marry in Aquaman #50 - But Is It Who We Think?
The marriage of Aquaman and Mera It happened way back in Action Comics #18 in 1964. But when the New 52 came around in 2011, it went away Even if Geoff Johns refused to acknowledge that DC Comics had decided that marriages were incompatible with being a superhero, as they could never be happy, and so[...]
Can DC Comics Stop Batman And Catwoman Getting Married Again?
But a parallel version of him was on hand to watch their marriage in Superman Family in 1981, over in Earth-2. Their child becomes the original Huntress of Earth-2. The Golden Age Batman and Catwoman had gotten together in an earlier Brave And The Bold… A story which has been followed up… And followed up… And followed up..Selina also managed[...]
The Downton Abbey Marriage We May Not Have Been Expecting (SPOILERS)
Roll with it. There are marriages in the final season of the show. Of course there are But as well as Carson and Mrs Hughes tying the knot, Bleeding Cool has got word of another wedding scene without these parties at the altar. The possibility of Lady Mary racing up the aisle again is the favourite. Then of course there's Isobel and Lord[...]
Wonder Woman Tells Superman 'It's Not Gay Marriage, It's Just Marriage'
From the upcoming digital-and-then-print Sensation Comics from DC Comics, Wonder Woman officiates a marriage between two women of her acquaintance And offers perspective from Paradise Island, a country of just women. Huffington Post writes of writer and artist Jason Badower, The wedding issue also marks Badower's DC Comics debut The artist told The Huffington Post in an interview[...]
Comic Book Folk Respond To… Marriage Equality
Waiting for @richjohnston "And the Comics Industry Reacts to… Marriage Equality." I expect it no later than 2pm Cali time, Johnston. — Jacob De Paz (@JakeWithAPen) June 26, 2015 Your wish is my command, sir. As of today, there is no gay marriage There is just marriage And rainbows So many beautiful rainbows. — Dean Haspiel (@deanhaspiel) June 26, 2015 YAY[...]