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Brute Force Comics Boom On eBay After Marvel 616 Episode
It's not just the Dan Slott episode of the new Disney+ documentary series Marvel 616 that is kicking off on eBay The comic book Brute Force, which Paul Scheer wants to make a comic book/animation/toy line out of, as part of a pitch to Marvel for the show, has given the series a new lease[...]
Dan Slott Episode Of Marvel 616 No Laughing Matter For Some
Not unless they are, it seems, Tom Brevoort. But with Marvel 616, Marvel executive editor SVP Tom Brevoort and Dan Slott have seemed to decide on ninja PR by hiding the situation in plain sight Making a joke out of it Lampshading the whole situation But some people don't seem to appreciate the joke. And they feel[...]
Bob McLeod Gets A Changed Credit In New Mutants
So when she appeared briefly in the first Deadpool movie, Lobdell and Madueria were denied that credit too, in favour of Loeb and Brewer. But someone who did get a credit on the Marvel 616 documentary series for Disney+ was Dave Thorpe, the originator of the term 616 as a designator of a shared universe reality, from[...]
What Does Marvel 616 Actually Mean? We Explain Again
Marvel has just launched their Marvel 616 documentary TV show on Disney+ The Dan Slott episode will need the most unpacking, for sure There's being self-deprecatory and there's self-assassination. Screencap from Marvel 616 on Disney + But what does the Marvel 616 term actually mean? You will find lots of explanations online, but only one website, Bleeding[...]
Marvel 616 Is Named After A Town In Siberia
Marvel will be launching their Marvel 616 TV show on Disney+ But what does it actually mean? You will find lots of explanations online, but only one website, Bleeding Cool, actually thought to ask the man who invented it, Dave Thorpe Even though he never actually put it into print… Once upon a time, in 1981,[...]
Marvel’s Storyboards Trailer: Joe Quesada's Storytelling Quest Begins
Hosted by Joe Quesada (Marvel's Hero Project, Marvel 616), EVP and Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment, the unscripted series explores the origin stories and inspirations of storytellers across all mediums, backgrounds, and experiences at their favorite spots throughout New York City and beyond Now, viewers are getting a look firsthand at the series, set to[...]