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Marvel Future Fight Gets A Guardians Of The Galaxy Update
Netmarble announced a brand new update to Marvel Future Fight this week as the Guardians Of The Galaxy invade the game The update adds in new characters, quests, and uniforms for Agents to collect First off, the game is getting five new characters affiliated with the Guardians of the Galaxy team Those characters are Beta[...]
Marvel Future Fight Main Logo
Netmarble will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of Marvel Future Fight with a number of events taking place in the game As part of the celebration, the company sent out the infographic you see below, as well as deciding to brag about their accomplishments in those five years According to their own data, the launched[...]
Marvel Future Fight Black Widow Movie
Marvel Future Fight is cooking up a family reunion as the Black Widow update to the game will bring in characters from the film. The update adds in two new characters as you will get to play as Yelena Belova and Red Guardian, both of whom are able to be collected and played starting today[...]
"Marvel Future Fight" Is Getting "House Of X" & "Powers Of X"
More X-Men craziness is on the way for Marvel Future Fight, as Netmarble announced today that the House Of X and Powers Of X storylines are coming If you're unfamiliar with these stories, this is the set of events where Charles Xavier and the mutants create a new world order on the island of Krakoa,[...]
Netmarble To Host A Marvel Mystery Panel During PAX East 2020
If you're currently not familiar with Netmarble, they're the folks who currently produce Marvel Future Fight for iOS and Android The Marvel Mystery Panel will take place on March 1st at 3:30pm EDT, which will take place in The Albatross Theater at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center The moderator is Ryan Penagos, Vice President[...]
"Marvel Future Fight" Gets A Secret Empire Update With New Costumes
This week, Netmarble has added a new free update to Marvel Future Fight focused on the Secret Empire storyline, adding some new content Along with the additions you see below, you'll notice Captain America got a costume update of sorts As you can now add the iconic hero with his Hydra outfit You can read[...]
The Warriors Of The Sky Have Now Joined "Marvel Future Fight"
Netmarble will be adding in four new original characters into Marvel Future Fight this week as you now get the Warriors Of The Sky Joining the game today are Blue Dragon, War Tiger, Sun Bird, and Shadow Shell Each character has unique powers, as you can see from the artwork below As well as different[...]
Deadpool's "Mercs For Money" Drop Into "Marvel Future Fight"
Netmarble just dropped a bunch of chaos into Marvel Future Fight as Deadpool's "Mercs For Money" have arrived and are eager to join the fray The three main characters you'll need to contend with are Slapstick, Gorilla-Man, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead! Not to mention a number of new uniforms, upgrades and more, are now available to collect[...]
Netmarble Adds Original Characters Into "Marvel Future Fight"
Netmarble has added four new characters to Marvel Future Fight, but these four don't harken from Marvel's library, they are totally original additions The characters are collectively known as the Warriors of the Sky, each bringing in their own special ability and persona to the fight We have details of all four of them for[...]
"Marvel Future Fight" Receives A Bunch Of X-Men Updates
Netmarble has decided to upgrade some of the X-Men in Marvel Future Fight with some new costumes and upgrades to the game Along with the Danger Room that came out in September, you now have Phoenix Five costumes for Namor and Magik, along with the Realize Potential functionality for Magik Here's some added info on[...]
The X-Men Phoenix Five Come To "Marvel Future Fight"
A new update has been added to Marvel Future Fight, bringing in some new X-Men as they do battle against the Phoenix Five The three characters joining the fray are Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, and Kid Omega, along with Phoenix Five-themed uniforms for Agents to collect You also get a new area in the Danger[...]
"Marvel Future Fight" Receives A New Hero This Week With Wave
Netmarble released details this week of the latest addition coming to Marvel Future Fight as Filipina superhero Wave joins the battle The character was introduced in Marvel's War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas earlier this year, and now makes her first game appearance on mobile The game will also get a classic look for[...]
Marvel Legends Punisher/War Machine Helmet Revealed by Hasbro
Based on his War Machine armor from the Marvel Future Fight game, this helmet features LED effect eyes, a detachable faceplate, and sound effects It will release in October and will cost you $100 Hopefully this means we can start getting comics pieces and more, as this line is prime to explode if you ask[...]
Marvel Future Fight Receives An Uncanny X-Men Update
More X-Men faces are rushing into Marvel Future Fight as Netmarble revealed a new Uncanny X-Men update coming to the game The three new mutants joining the battle are Iceman (Modern), Jubilee (Classic), and Bishop (Disassembled), all with their own ways of adding to the battle and making things easier for you in a cluster of enemies[...]
Marvel Future Fight has Hit 100 Million Downloads Worldwide
credit// Netmarble Netmarble has announced that Marvel Future Fight has surpassed the 100 million download mark worldwide after four years of service To celebrate the milestone and the game's fourth anniversary, Netmarble released an infographic showcasing the progress players have made in-game. In case you don't want to read the whole infographic below, here are some of the[...]