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Marvel Future Fight Gets Spider-Man: No Way Home Content
Netmarble has dropped a new update into Marvel Future Fight as the game now has some cool new content from Spider-Man: No Way Home You had to know with a major blockbuster film out in theaters as we speak, the crew behind the game would take full advantage of it and put out some new[...]
Three More Eternals Join The Battle In Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble has revealed the latest update being added to Marvel Future Fight as players will be getting three more of the Eternals in the game The update is officially live as we speak and it adds in Kingo, Gilgamesh, and Thena to the mix, along with some brand new uniforms and content themed after the[...]
Marvel Future Fight Launches Phoenix Force Inspired Update
Netmarble has launched a new update into Marvel Future Fight today as players can experience the glory that is the Phoenix Force Specifically from the recent events that took place during Avengers: Enter The Phoenix where, as we have learned many times over, people just can't help themselves when wielding amazing levels of power and[...]
Shang-Chi Expansion Has Been Added To Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble has released a new expansion for Marvel Future Fight tied to the latest film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings As it is with most updates like this for the game, you're getting a set of new characters from the film who appear in a somewhat film/somewhat comic version of themselves[...]
Marvel Future Fight Dives Straight Into Armor War 3099
A new content patch has come to Marvel Future Fight as we head into the future (kinda) for the Armor War 3099 update This time around you're going to see a plethora of Earth's mightiest heroes fight for the future, literally, as we get a taste of some next-level technology to defend the world from[...]
Marvel Future Fight Adds Falcon & The Winter Soldier Content
Netmarble has added a new update today that bringing in content from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to Marvel Future Fight It seems like it's a bit late, but better now than never, as the update that goes into effect today will add three new costumes from the Disney+ show, as you're getting inspired[...]
Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble has revealed the latest update added to Marvel Future Fight as The Black Order has once again invaded with a vengeance The game appears to be headed down more of an armageddon route as the challenges become tougher and tougher This time around the update will bring in a suite of Thanos-themed content, along[...]
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Netmarble has thrown in a bunch of new rewards into Marvel Future Fight to help celebrate the game's sixth anniversary Netmarble already threw in a bunch of stuff for people to do, but the latest update for April has added a special check-in event that allows players to earn rewards by just logging into the[...]
Marvel Future Fight Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary
Netmarble has unveiled their plans to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Marvel Future Fight happening this month To honor and celebrate the six years we've had of the game and its unique adventures, the company has started the event today by opening up pre-registration for a special anniversary event In this event, all participating Agents[...]
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Netmarble dropped a brand new upgrade into Marvel Future Fight today as players can now experience a new Mephisto update This particular update, which has been added to the game today as soon as you go update it on iOS or Android, will transform one of Marvel's most iconic villains into a World Boss Legends[...]
Marvel Future Fight Launches New A New Update Featuring Dawn of X
Netmarble has dropped a new update into Marvel Future Fight today as we're getting new additions featuring players from Dawn Of X As you might suspect from this update as it has been in the past, you'll be getting a bunch of new uniforms and costumes for a few characters and changes to a couple[...]
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Netmarble has released a massive update into Marvel Future Fight today as players can now check out the Herald Of Flight If the name didn't immediately ring a bell for you, this is a ton fo new content all centered around Thor Well, Thor and a couple others as Valkyrie and Loki also get a[...]
The Dark Avengers Assemble In Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble revealed that six new characters are coming to Marvel Future Fight as the Dark Avengers have now assembled Today's update adds six new characters to the game that will change the way you head into battle as you will be given Sentry, Scorpion, Daken, Ares, Moonstone, and Molecule Man as options to add to your team[...]
Marvel Future Fight Gets A New Doctor Strange Update
Netmarble has released a new update into Marvel Future Fight as the Sorcerer Supreme is making an appearance with new gear This update is inspired from the comics as the Damnation storyline makes an appearance, and with it comes new characters, uniforms, and an Extreme mode added to the Danger Room and Alliance Battles alongside,[...]
Its Inhumans Vs. X-Men In The Latest Marvel Future Fight Update
A new update has dropped into Marvel Future Fight this week as the X-Men are going up against one of their biggest challenges in the Inhumans You're getting a few cool additions with this one as the game will being in new characters and uniforms that are inspired by Marvel's Inhumans Vs X-Men storyline happening[...]