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Hellfire Gala Timeline Adding Wolverine, SWORD, Way Of X, Pride, GOTG
Today, the Marvel Universe sees the publication of SWORD #6, following on from last week's Planet-Size X-Men, and is another of what the X-Men line calls a "red book" – a title you pretty much have to read if you are following the Krakoan storyline more widely Previous examples in recent weeks were Marauders #20[...]
Marvel Legends The Thing Figure 1
With his release, the heart and soul of not just the Fantastic Four, but the entire Marvel Universe is finally in our collections Now he is the soul of our Marvel Legends shelves. The Thing is in Walgreens stores now. Marvel Legends collectors are a patient bunch Just kidding, that could not be further from the[...]
iron man disneyland paris
In a new TV promo for Disneyland Paris, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Iron Man was wearing his Prime Armor (Model 51), from the comics. This suit has not been seen in any park before, so needless to say, we're all a little excited.
Silk Mark Brooks Sideshow Statue 6
The masked portrait is the Sideshow Exclusive. "How do you like my threads? When I'm like this, call me Silk!" Listen to your Silk sense! Sideshow is proud to present the next addition to the Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Collection, the Silk Statue. In the main Marvel Universe, that famed radioactive spider sunk its fangs into civilian Cindy Moon mere[...]
Board Game Terminus: Let's Become Legendary In The Marvel Universe
By Etienne Dubuc In need of some more Marvel Universe? You've read every comics issue possible, seen every movie, played every video game? There is still some material you might like: board games! Even though Legendary might not sound like a game set in the world of Spider-Man, it will absolutely fit your style. Published by Upper[...]
Kickstarter Called And It Wants The 80's Comics Back
Poised for another apocalyptic event, the Earth hangs on the edge of complete devastation. 1 World Apocalypse is set up like those cool vintage Marvel Universe books from the late 80s, that I remember so feverishly waiting for every month to arrive at my local comic store These books are full of interesting characters, rich colors,[...]
Marvel Launches Marvel Universe On Disney XD
Cartoons such as Green Lantern and Young Justice, interviews, live action, shorts, a smorgasbord of DC stuff. Well now it's time for Marvel to follow suit. Their well publicised upcoming animated series Ultimate Spider-Man based on Brian Bendis' comic of the same name, will debut in a new programming block on basic cable channel Disney XD called[...]