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Kickstarter Called And It Wants The 80's Comics Back

Jim Fournier writes for Bleeding Cool:

If you're like me, you long for the days when heroes wore their underwear on the outside of their costumes. Villains were evil, but they weren't sick perverts with weird fetishes, and female characters weren't shaped like that. Comics in general and even the mainstream characters are becoming more dark, graphic, and mature. This makes it very difficult to
share the characters I loved as a kid with my three boys. So I decided to create my own characters and story, which my three boys took an immediate interest in. Not only were they excited about seeing knew characters, they liked watching me do the pencil, ink, and color work. They would then ask questions about the character and their powers, and even inquired to the characters allegiance.

After working for over a year on a story and fleshing  out many characters, I had what I thought was a compelling story that could be enjoyed by comic readers of all ages. It was at that point I started to research publishing and came across Kickstarter. I was amazed at the number of people out there that wanted to be a part of artistic projects.

1WASplashPageLandscapeThus the 1 WORLD APOCALYPSE Kickstarter project was born, a three issue prelude to the upcoming graphic novel. Our story starts in 1974, the Sundarr Crystals were unleashed upon our world. Unearthed simultaneously around the planet, the crystals emanated great power of an unknown origin. The waves of energy that washed over the world triggered natural disasters across the globe, changing its landscape forever. Billions perished in these events that became known as the Sacrificial Hour of Man. This event also gave rise to mutant kind, sparking the next step in man's evolutionary journey.

1_World_Apocalypse_Issue1_Pages14Now the Sundarr Crystals provide power to cities around the world, and are often the cause of today's conflicts. Mankind's thirst for power has become immeasurable and the search for more Sundarr Crystals has shattered the natural balance of our environment. Mystical energies are beginning to gather as the nations of the world struggle to gain world dominance. While the influence of the crystals grows more powerful, the hearts of men begin to swell with darkness. Poised for another apocalyptic event, the Earth hangs on the edge of complete devastation.

1_World_Apocalypse_Issue1_Pages181 World Apocalypse is set up like those cool vintage Marvel Universe books from the late 80s, that I remember so feverishly waiting for every month to arrive at my local comic store. These books are full of interesting characters, rich colors, and great artwork that have been edited and approved by my three boys. So take a step back in time before foil embossed covers and the black bagged death of Superman, to a time of comic gold. A time
and place, where characters are not re-released every two years with a new modern origin and look. I love comics and want to share this book and story with you, so head to Kickstarter and help make this project a success.

If we can reach $6,000.00 by 9/23/13 @11:59 pm EST leading us to hit our ultimate goal of $20,000 by 10/13/13, all Bleeding Cool pledges will receive a custom KEEP CALM AND BLEED COOL wall decal in addition to their pledge package. For those that have already pledged, we appreciate your time and effort to make this Kickstarter a success.

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