Let's Take a Look at the Walgreens Exclusive Thing Marvel Legends Figure

Marvel Legends collectors are a patient bunch. Just kidding, that could not be further from the truth. Since Susan Storm was announced at SDCC a couple years ago, we dreamed about finally having the Fantastic Four on our shelves. Now it is a reality. The Thing is the final figure from the FF that we needed, and he has arrived! He was supposed to be out months ago, but unknown delays kept him from us. Let's take a look at what is going to go down as one of the best Marvel Legends figures of not only this year, but that Hasbro has done period.

I love when these huge figures are stuffed into these boxes. Thing has some serious weight to him, and he barely fits in there. We have discussed the design of the Marvel Legends packaging many, many times here: I still love it, but it may be time for some kind of change. It is still great for MOC collectors however, and having uniform boxes is very important to that segment of collecting.

Once Ben is out of the box however, you get a great sense of how much detail and love went into the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing. Of course the most important aspects is going to be the color and line work on his rocky body, and they crushed it. Every crack and rock is meticulously sculpted and could not look better. One thing I didn't think about would be how well his rocky exterior would hide the articulation points, sometimes a problem with Legends in the past.

He comes with two sets of hands and two headsculpts for different posing options. Both face portraits are perfect, my only (and I mean only) thing I wish was here would be a smirking head, but that is a minor complaint. His is well-articulated and could not be easier to pose in a variety of ways. He is perfectly in scale, and a strong figure too. He can hold a lot of weight on his shoulders without tipping or swaying over, and just has a commanding presence around other figures. Your eyes go right to him.

Marvel Legends The Thing Figure 4

The Thing is as perfect an action figure as you can get. With his release, the heart and soul of not just the Fantastic Four, but the entire Marvel Universe is finally in our collections. Now he is the soul of our Marvel Legends shelves.

The Thing is in Walgreens stores now.

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