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Time Travel, Cosmic Cubes And More Tearing Apart The Marvel Universe Today. DC Just Likes Numbers.

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In today's Ultimates, Captain Marvel can't believe that SHIELD folk are still messing with cosmic cube-like stuff after the Pleasant Hill debacle. But there's proof that it is the same stuff that they're messing with in one of Al Ewing's other titles, Contest Of Champions, from last week.17Contest Of Champions is also embedding Guillotine's history in with that of Black Panther…


Talking of parents, we've already seen how Mark Waid is rewriting Ant Man history.

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And Tom King doing the same over at The Vision as well. They say that you can't choose your family, but comic creators can rewrite them…

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Because time travel is back in a big way. Not only did it cause all the Age Of Ultron stuff but it is still causing problems. Whether in the Ultimates, which is very much pre-Civil War II and all their future time reading….

Ultimates (2015-) 007-005

The Vision gives us other possible routes to future visions.

Vision (2015-) 007-011

While in All-New Avengers, being time attacked through the issue, he is looking to do his own time-travelling it seems.

All-New, All-Different Avengers (2015-) 009-020

And remember, the Zodiac folk in Amazing Spider-Man have their one year ahead glimpse of the future…

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And Deadpool Mercs For Money has a Rigellian Recorder head treading off random future bites as well.

Deadpool & The Mercs For Money (2016) 003-009


Or All-New X-Men, time-misplaced X-Men from the past involved in their own Apocalypse Wars time travel shenanigans that send them back to Ancient Egypt and not…

All-New X-Men (2015-) 009-020

Consider this utter Marvel fanboy bait. The All-New X-Men characters, while in the age they were when published in the sixties, due to Marvel time now have to be from the early 2000s… even though they keep behaving like they were from the early sixties and certain creators keep forgetting what the deal it. Instead of dealing with it, Marvel are lampshading it. What do they think this is Deadpool?

Deadpool (2015-) 011-003

Because Deadpool has his own family issues. Discovering his parents were dead at his own hand…

Deadpool (2015-) 011-004

…and dragging the Original Sin crossover to deal with it.

Deadpool (2015-) 011-010

Twice! That's a total Fury-on-Thor move there. While last week's A-Force has a visitor from another Secret Wars Battleworld dimension, Dazzler Thor….


…joining 1602 Angela, The Maker, Old Man Logan, Red Wolf, Weirdworld, Ultimate Thor, Maestro, Singularity, Captain America 2099 and … The Regent!

Amazing Spider-Man (2015-) 012-020

As Web Warriors suggests all the realities are starting to smoosh together now.

Web Warriors (2015-) 007-015So the question is… is this all heading somewhere? Or it just frivilous nonsense to fill the time? Or could it be that the new nature of the Universe, pone with Iso-8 in it, is a little but more malleable when it comes to time travel and dimension crossing, ruling out any Age Of Ultron problems?

DC Comics has less to worry about. Just a far fewer survivors of Convergence meeting up with their other selves in Action Comics #52.

Action Comics (2011-) 052-012

And the number 52 turning up in more place than you'd expect. Like in the last issue of Red Hood & Arsenal…

Red-Hood-and-Arsenal-12-Featured-1000x700 …and the last issue of Batman #52.Image (7)Aside from that they mostly seem okay….


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