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Sandman Universe #1 cover by Jae Lee and June Chung

A Sandman Newbie Reviews Sandman Universe #1: This Isn't for New Readers

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Dreaming is fractured and broken. Its residents fear a total collapse. Lucien sends out the raven, Matthew, to find the ruler of the Dreaming, the Sandman/Daniel/Dream. To enter the real world, Matthew must find a dream and awaken the dreamer. His first attempt is foiled by an encounter with Dora. Afterwards, he […]

Exclusive Look Inside Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #4

Over the course of the story, we learn his World War II-era origin, how he got his powers, his exciting astral adventures, the formation of some of Black Hammer's greatest heroes, and more in this heartbreaking superhero tale about fathers and sons.DOCTOR STAR & THE KINGDOM OF LOST TOMORROWS: FROM THE WORLD OF BLACK HAMMER #4 Writer:[...]

Avengers #1 cover by Ed McGuinness

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of May 2nd, 2018: Avengers Assemble!

Though the comic is not really my speed, I can't deny how charming and lovable the leads are and how endlessly entertaining their dialogue is.[caption id="attachment_839694" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #3 cover by Max Fiumara[/caption]Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #3In this spectacular continuation to the Black Hammer universe[...]

Aquaman Annual #1 cover by Max Fiumara

Aquaman Annual #1 Review: A Beautiful and Sad Story Hindered by Subpar Art

A breakout at a prison facility disrupts the day’s festivities, and everything begins unraveling slowly before Aquaman’s eyes.A decent evaluation of the story requires major spoilers for the big twists in this issue, so consider yourself warned.[caption id="attachment_754159" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Aquaman Annual #1 cover by Max Fiumara[/caption]All of this is the result of Aquaman, Mera,[...]

Kelly And Fiumara Bring Heart And Style To Second Turn Of Four Eyes

Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara have created a stylish and gritty look at a slightly different depression era America told through the eyes of a young immigrant boy trying to follow in his father's footsteps Those footsteps are as a dragon trainer.What stands out first with this series is the art of Fiumara It fits[...]

"The Beginning Of A Dark Ride" Four Eyes Continues This January

From Image Comics, writer Joe Kelly (I Kill Giants, Bad Dog) and artist Max Fiumara will launch a new story arc in their genre-splicing series Four Eyes next month.Here’s what went down previously:Readers met Enrico, a young boy in an alternate 1930’s New York The untimely passing of his father left him the man of the[...]

Abe Sapien #12 Goes American Gothic To Tell Very Human Stories

But for me the book is a change in the way I see Abe because he’s pitted against the effects of the burgeoning apocalypse in the Hellboy Universe, and rather than battling monsters on a gigantic scale this time around, he’s dealing with the broken humanity that’s being pushed aside like so much flotsam in[...]

Things To Do All Over The World This Week If You Like Hellboy And His Universe

Sebastián & Max Fiumara—Moebius Liceo—Buenos Aires, Argentina5 p.m.–10 p.m. Moebius Liceo Av Santa Fe 2729 Local 13 P Baja 1425 Buenos Aires +54 11 4866 6960Facebook Event Page: Fábio Moon—Quanta Academia de Artes—São Paulo, BrazilQuanta Academia de Artes Rua Dr José de Queirós Aranha, 246 Vila Mariana São Paulo 04106-061 +55 11 3214-0553Facebook Event Page:[...]