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Preview Anne Bonnie And Hunt Down Blue Juice Comics At MegaCon This Weekend
Plenty of pirate goodness awaits in new comic Anne Bonnie from Blue Juice Comics, and they've kindly provided Bleeding Cool with this preview, as well as the reminder that you can get your print copy in its first available location at MegaCon in Florida this weekend, booth #635. Anne Bonnie springs from the full-color imagination of[...]
Father And Son Attempt To Make The World Safe From Ghouls
The Scenario Packs were a modest success. For our new book, we decided to expand the comic book portion, making it a full-fledged comic book, telling the tale of how the Ghouls arrived on Earth and how they became a global threat and the dangers faced by our heroes — David Lake, Pamela Gray and Cornealius[...]
Stan Lee Cancels Megacon Appearance
Stan Lee pulled out of the Amazing Arizona Comic Con over illness. It has just been announced that he has also pulled out of Megacon, based in Orlando Florida running from the 15th to the 17th of March. The Megacon Facebook account states; I regret to announce that Stan Lee has canceled his appearance at MegaCon 2013[...]
The Most Talked About Panel At Megacon – Siike Donnelly
Yesterday, not only did Gene and I, two nerds that 99.9% of the nerd community has never heard of before tonight, make a statement with the Nerd Nation Artist's Alley Spotlight Panel at MegaCon 2012 – but it was truly the beginning of something that will no doubt become a MegaCon annual event. And naturally, like[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: 52 Con Pickup
Since it's looking like March Madness is going to be a bust for me this year, it's particularly nice to see con season picking up steam: better weather is right around the corner, the industry is shaking off the last of its winter frost, and con panelists and other guests start dropping info of interest[...]
Siike Donnelly Talks To Darwyn Cooke About Before Watchmen. A Little Bit.
Siike Donnelly is attending Megacon for Bleeding Cool And he just bumped into Darwyn Cooke, briefly, who is appearing at the show Guess what they talked about… Siike: I'm a big fan I loved your work back to the Batman Beyond intro on the cartoon… can you give me any details on Minutemen? When it takes[...]
Rob Granito Hits YouTube At MegaCon
A stealth video taken of Rob Granito's stall at Megacon… [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Not how his credits have suddenly faded[...]
More Fun With Rob Granito Before MegaCon
The podcasters tell their own dealing with Granito at Dragon*Con in 2006 and his attempt to scam them by listing credits that they were able to check were bogus. Megacon in Orlando, Florida starts today Rob Granito is a Comics Artist Guest Do let Bleeding Cool know if he shows Photos if possible. I understand that Wizard[...]