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Mel Caylo Leaves Valiant Comics For Netflix (UPDATE)

Mel Caylo's career in marketing is a who's who of comic book circles In 1998, Mel Caylo became an Associate Editor for Wizard Magazine: A Guide To Comics before being promoted to Managing Editor in 2000 Taking a break to launch and run a bubble tea shop called Felicitea in Upper Manhattan’s West Side in 2002,[...]

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The Daily LITG – 24th September 2019, Happy Birthday Mel Caylo

This month: Check, Please! Book One by Ngozi Ukazu.A year ago...Bleeding Cool Brings You Batman’s Penis In All Its Batglory From Batman: Damned #1 Stephen Colbert Weighs In On the Batpenis The Other Major Heroes In Crisis #1 Death Confirmed? Really?  Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Criminal Returns in January from Image Comics Cable[...]

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Mel Caylo Joins Valiant as New Director of Marketing

Last December, an automatic email reply bot announced that Mel Caylo was no longer working at BOOM! Studios But just a few months later, it's Mel Caylo who's gotten the last laugh on that automated robot fool According to a press release sent out by Valiant, from Mel Caylo's email account, and (we hope) written by[...]

Tweeting At Buzzfeed And Other Don'ts Of Indie Comics PR 101

Mel Caylo, a serious veteran of the Indie PR panel and BOOM! Studios’s Marketing Manager, spoke proudly of his contributions in getting the title out there While Jen Vaughn of Fantagraphics had mentioned earlier the importance of starting a PR campaign three months in advanced to the release of a print issue, Caylo described the[...]