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Marvel To Publish Victor Lavall's Sabretooth Comic In January 2022
Of course, because this is Bleeding Cool, we have a little more than that. House Of X #6 Back in March, Bleeding Cool reported that sci-fi/fantasy author Victor LaValle has stated he was writing for Marvel, and that "I haven't officially begun writing for the X-Men line yet, but I have already found myself incredibly geeked that[...]
Death Of Nightcrawler To Benefit Japan
Mike Choi is auctioning the entire original artwork for X-Force #26, the issue in which Nightcrawler karked it, for sale on eBay to benefit the Red Cross.
Gendercrunching DC And Marvel – March 2011
The totals remain rather paltry, but getting better is much nicer than getting worse… feel free to tepidly celebrate the improvement. DC COMICS Along with being the best month of the year, March was also the busiest month of 2011 for both publishers Maybe having extra books forced the editors to delve deep into their rolodexes, where[...]