Matt Berry, Jason Sudeikis & More TV Men Who Don't Make Me Vomit (Yet)

Hello, angry men (specifically white cisgender men), I know you're here and you probably won't read any further than this sentence, but I couldn't care less. While you drool looking at Joe Rogan coughing into a microphone, I'll let you in on a little secret…you don't have to be this way or like people who believe in some raw power of protein powder. Toxic doesn't have to be the goal, whether recognized or not. This is more evident on television, now more than ever, and there are some characters and iconic men on television leading the way (at least for now, don't blame me with my wavering sense of trust for the male species), including Jason Sudeikis, Matt Berry, and more.

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Nick Offerman: From the amazing representation of a healthy relationship he has with his wife, Megan Mullally, to his iconic and developing character of Ron Swanson from Parks And Recreation, the toxicity that can invade masculinity doesn't tend to come near him. I love him not only for his acting but also for the way he leads his life, well, and for not being a total d-bag that he could have easily been.

Rhett & Link ( from YouTube's "Good Mythical Morningon"): Not only does this duo have a great example of friendship, they also have fun with life and their creative endeavors in ways that disregard societal constraints placed on men. Hell, they've talked about some really big topics on their podcast, Ear Biscuits, from religious deconstruction to sexuality.

Kurtis Conner: A YouTube creator & watcher of cringe-worthy male-made content on our behalf, Kurtis isn't afraid to point out the ridiculous performance of gender we see today from some on TikTok or those peddling "how to be an alpha male" bullshit on YouTube. Plus, I'll never forget one of my favorite videos of his that strictly broke down an animated film about a goat.

Jason Sudeikis: Saturday Night Live introduced us to the comedic timing and hilarious improvisational skills of this man, but Ted Lasso solidified his status in our hearts. Ted Lasso didn't shy away from toxic masculinity and the effect it could have on the positives in life, and plus we could all learn to live life a little more like his character on that show.

Matt Berry: A brilliant force of comedy, Berry's recent role in What We Do In The Shadows made sure people would recognize what a lot of his fans had before, we all would love a Jackie Daytona in our lives. Laszlo (Berry) is very open both in his sexuality & his relationship approach with Nadja, making me love him even after this recent season (if you know, you know).

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