Men Director Says Attack on Titan Caused Him to Question His Own Work

The upcoming A24 film Men is just around the corner, and already, critics are suggesting that Annihilation director Alex Garland has totally brought his A-game with this new horror-themed project. Though the film might be introducing those who have already seen its supposed uniqueness, Garland himself recently noted that there was one title that caused him to question an important element of the film (that can also be seen in the trailers).

Men Trailer Debuts Form A24, Alex Garland Ghost Story Out May 20th
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In a conversation with The Daily Beast, Garland acknowledges the ever-popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan by explaining, "With my daughter, I was watching this [anime] series called Attack on Titan. I was looking at the way the creatures in Attack on Titan, which all have human forms, are represented, and I was thinking this is so strange and inventive, and I'm just being lazy." He says regarding his film's transformative similarities before adding, "This body-horror transformation thing—I'm too familiar with this. I know how it'll end up looking, Attack on Titan takes naked human forms and does something really unsettling by not doing very much. And it was that. I thought, come on, man, you're not doing well enough!"

Garland later talks about his film's recurring topic regarding men and toxic masculinity; he notes, "It's a bit like the Attack on Titan thing—the answer is less good than the question. Honestly, I wanted to write a horror movie about a sense of horror. I knew I wanted to do that. I understood the sense of horror, and I thought, a horror movie is an interesting way to investigate that."

Regardless of his concerns, with Men coming to theaters this weekend and already earning a solid showing of love from critics so far, it appears that Garland is in for another successful film under his belt. Will you be watching Men?

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