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Barking: A Bold and Personal Journey Through Mental Illness
Bad advice from hallucinations and sound advice from the mental health staff vie for her attention as she slowly works her way towards coherence again. "Barking" page, Lucy Sullivan With Barking, Lucy Sullivan has crafted a deeply personal graphic novel that reads and feels like a journey through someone's inner landscape This is comics as self-expression, not[...]
Preacher SDCC Panel: Joseph Gilgun Delivers Powerful Message on Mental Health
Gilgun has addressed his mental health issues in the past; but the way he describes how he struggled with his bipolar disorder during the filming of season 2 is a must-listen for anyone suffering in silence to know that you're not alone and you can learn to control it. Transcribing his response wouldn't do his message[...]
The World Heath Organization Recognizes Gaming Addiction as a Mental Disorder
credit//Epic Games Gaming addiction has been given some major support now that the mental health disorder is being classified by the World Health Organization Notably, the American Psychiatric Association declined to add the disorder to the Fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), though they have put it down as[...]
Psychiatric Tales Presents A Glimpse Behind The Scenes of Mental Health
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The stigma of mental health and its misrepresentation and villainization in the media is so commonplace that it has been a cliche for generations Darryl Cunningham's collection of comics, Psychiatric Tales, gifts the viewer with a rare, humanized vision of what it is like for those who work within the mental health field, and[...]
Brain Shoodles – Managing Depression And Anxiety One Doodle At A Time
The campaign is running until 10th June and there are stretch goals being added with each target being hit. There's still five more days to support the project and help this project, which could help others with their own mental health relationship You can support the Kickstarter here! Brain Shoodles is a new Kickstarter project looking[...]