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Michael Davis, Keynote Speaker at Afro ComicCon on the War for Static Shock
Michael Davis is the Keynote speaker at Afro ComicCon tomorrow at SAE Expression College located in Emeryville, California. His speech is reportedly entitled NOW YOU CAN'T LEAVE: Level Next & The War For Static Shock. Level Next is the media-and-comics company he formed with Wayne Brady Static Shock refers to the Static character he co-created for Milestone, that used his[...]
The Ugly Side of Comics, Part One: Uncle Tom's Revenge by Michael Davis
Michael Davis writes: Back in the day 434 Beach 58st apt 8B Far Rockaway: My mother lay on the floor bleeding from a gash in her head. My sister Sharon all of 12 years old tears streaming from her eyes hands covering her mouth trying to mute the sobs she couldn't help making was bent over listening[...]
The Ugly Side of Comics: The Golden Age – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis, co-founder of Milestone Comics, writer, producer, artist and mentor writes: Prologue: The Golden Age Myth My views of the industry are my personal opinion; however, any event I share regarding treatment of me is 100% true, and I can provide documentation for any person or company disputing my accounts. They won't. There was a time when the[...]
Batman Saved His Life – The Len Wein Tribute Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018
Snodgrass talked about how Wein loved musicals and would sometime burst into song, but he had a terrible voice. This led Michael Davis (Co-Founder of Milestone Comics), who was in the audience, shared a story of driving through Oakland with Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Harlan Ellison, in his car and playing his West Side Story CD[...]
Video Teases For Wayne Brady and Michael Davis's 'Level Next' Comics Line
At least year's Black Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Wayne Brady and Michael Davis announced a new planned comic book and multi-media line, Level Next With a stated aim to create stories by – and for – people of colour Comics, books, TV shows, movies, games, whatever is out there And the foundation is there to help people[...]
A Great Day in San Diego, Courtesy of Michael Davis
Kane calls it "the greatest picture of that era of musicians ever taken." At San Diego Comic-Con this year, comic creator and mentor Michael Davis, behind the Black Panel that runs every year at the show, brought together members and a few attendees of that panel for a photograph — pulling the 'Wakanda Forever' pose. A Great[...]
Milestone's Michael Davis Makes the Cover of OurWeekly LA
It has a weekly readership of 200,000, aiming to provide broad base relevant coverage including local, state, and national political and community news. And they've just cover featured a very familiar face. Just in time for last Friday's Black Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Bleeding Cool contributor Michael Davis made the cover, like this. The article covered his career co-founding[...]
Alan Davis Joins Captain America #703
The final Mark Waid issues of Captain America before it gets relaunched have had a number of surprise artists added to the creative teams on his way out.
The Trouble With Black People – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis, comic book creator, mentor, and publisher writes: The Trouble with Black Comics! That's the real title, just in case some white editor looking to cheapen this narrative with clickbait changes the name of the title to The Trouble with Black People. That's a joke. It may not be you, but you know someone isn't going to get[...]
Michael Davis Talks The Representation Of People Of Color In America
Janel Smith writes for Bleeding Cool: Covering Michael Davis' panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Though the panel got off to a rocky start, it was full of powerful emotions that I think many in the room could relate to.  It is not often that I see a black man so open and honest about his emotions and[...]
Milestone Is Dead 2: Long Live Milestone – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis is an artist, writer, mentor, entertainment executive and co-founder of Milestone He writes, This article processes some hard truths many won't like. The first part of this narrative Milestone is dead got a lot of people talking. Nothing and I mean nothing in that article was new I've written about what and why I thought the[...]
Milestone Is Dead – Michael Davis, On The Edge
Michael Davis is an artist, writer, mentor, entertainment executive and co-founder of Milestone He writes, 1993 More than 20 years ago my swagger caused a rift between DC Comics and myself and that caused problems between DC and Milestone. The pressure was put on Milestone to silence me Silence me from what you ask? Calling DC Comics on[...]
Twenty-Five Without A Bullet – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis, writer, editor, publisher, mentor, co-founder and co-creator of Milestone Comics writes, Fair warning: little in this article has a thing to do with pop culture So, if your intention is to bitch about that after reading this let me do it for you: Clueless Cow writes: Why is this in Bleeding Cool? Rich, can't you get[...]
Not The American Dream – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis, comic creator, editor, publisher and mentor, writes, When I was eight years old, I was racing my new Tonka toy truck up and down the concrete sidewalk on my block I was doing so by bending over and pushing the truck as fast as I could with both hands. The truck slipped out of my[...]
Weekend Without Bernie –  Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis writes for Bleeding Cool, This past weekend a giant of entertainment left us Chuck Berry was 90 years old, and I must admit I would from time to time wonder if Little Richard, Chubby Checker or Chuck were still with us. I've not only had the pleasure of meeting each of these legends I spent[...]
If & Hope – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis writes Jack Kirby created the Black Racer, and his bedridden alter ego Sgt Willie Walker in 1971 In the origin story Walker, an African American is paralyzed during a firefight in Vietnam The army returns the young hero home where his wife resigns herself to taking care of him. The 'Source' Kirby's mysterious power entity[...]
Stan Lee, The Man, Now And Forever – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Michael Davis writes, From the last installment: The Los Angeles neighborhood of Westwood is home to The University of Southern California better known as U.C.L.A It's a trendy area filled with upscale shops and expensive restaurants I've never been a fan of Westwood U.C.L.A or trendy, expensive restaurants I doubt if I ever will be[...]