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Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1 cover by Clay Mann and Marissa Louise

Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1- Milk Wars Part 5 Review: Utter Deadpool-Flavored Hipster Nonsense

Meanwhile, the executives of Retconn continue to give their Prime Earth sales pitch to Lord Manga Khan.[caption id="attachment_803898" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1 cover by Clay Mann and Marissa Louise[/caption]The interim issues between this Doom Patrol/JLA Special and the previous JLA/Doom Patrol Special improved on “Milk Wars.” As you might remember, I was no[...]

Eternity Girl #1 cover by Sonny Liew

Eternity Girl #1 Review: The Hero Who Couldn't Die

Now, she only has her friend, Dani, therapy sessions she hates, and the ghost of her arch-nemesis to keep what remains of her sanity stable.[caption id="attachment_802782" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Eternity Girl #1 cover by Sonny Liew[/caption]So, this spins off from the backup stories to the Young Animals “Milk Wars” crossovers Where those stories have mostly consisted[...]

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42 cover by Alex Ross

Comic Book Wins and Losses for the Week of February 14th 2018: Sorcerer Supreme Indeed

Just read my review.[caption id="attachment_795719" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Shade the Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special #1 Cover by Frank Quitely[/caption]Win: Milk Wars Continue in Shade the Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special #1The "Milk Wars" saga continued to impress with the crossover between Shade the Changing Girl and Wonder Woman by Cecil Castelucci and Mirka Andolfo. It brings a tale of feminism, emotional awareness, and the[...]

Dick the Dancer from Nightwing #38 by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of February 7th, 2018: Triumph of Swamp Thing and Another Bad Issue of Amazing Spider-Man

It's even more of a shame because Joelle Jones's art is fantastic, and it's just so wasted here.[caption id="attachment_788916" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Mother Panic/Batman Special #1 cover by Frank Quietly[/caption]WIN: Mother Panic/Batman Special #1On the bright side, Batman was still in a great comic this week, and that comic was the Mother Panic/Batman Special for the "Milk Wars" crossover[...]

milk wars young animal crossover nycc 2017

Creative Teams For Young Animal's 'Milk Wars' Crossover, Plus Aco's JLA/Doom Patrol Art

As a result, we already knew much of what would be discussed, including the name of the upcoming weekly Young Animal crossover mashing together the Young Animal books with DCU characters: “Milk Wars” will mash up DC’s Young Animal with characters from the DC Universe, beginning with a JUSTICE LEAGUE/DOOM PATROL SPECIAL from Orlando and Way, followed by SHADE, THE[...]

Weekly Crossover 'Milk Wars' Mashes Up Young Animal And The DCU In January

The crossover will be called Milk Wars, explaining the Frank Quitely cover of a character called Milk Man released back in July It will be a weekly event, "mashing up" Young Animal titles and characters from the DCU.Check out the press release blurb, awkwardly referring to events that haven't happened yet, below: Plus, the weird and popular[...]