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Following Up on The Misprinted "Command 2019" Deck - "Magic: The Gathering"
As Emiel and Charly recounted, the deck was put on the "Misprints, Oddities, Rarities for Magic The Gathering, MTG" closed Facebook group An offer had been made – the highest offer at the time – for $25,000. Source: Emiel Van Daele Thankfully for Emiel, he did not take that offer, as later on other websites that have[...]
MIsprinted "Mystic Intellect" Deck Sparks Interest - "Magic: The Gathering"
Right now, the highest-standing public offer for Emiel's deck in the "Misprints, Oddities, Rarities for Magic: the Gathering, MtG" closed Facebook group is over $25,000. Emiel's misprinted "Mysitc Intellect" deck Source: Facebook.com Emiel has reported that he will spend his earnings on student loans first, and "Maybe an Unlimited booster." When asked if he will re-purchase a[...]