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The Pebble And The Boy, Review: They Didn't Die Before They Got Old
John Parker, played by Patrick MacNamee, is on a mod pilgrimage on behalf of his dead Dad, delivering his ashes to Brighton, the spiritual home of Mod culture That peculiar subculture that began with modern jazz aficionados, then into power-rock with The Who, Small Faces, and The Jam, along with sharp suits and haircuts, RAF[...]
Be The Butler In This Awesome Alfred Arkham Knight Mod
A few mods have been made for Arkham Knight on the PC, regardless of the ports current dire circumstance One brought together the entire Bat team to the open world, and this does the same, except instead of bringing those who are adept in combat, it subs in Alfred. Turns out he can really kick some tail[...]
There Is Already A Splatoon Minecraft Mod
Youtuber SethBling threw together this mod for the Mojang game that is a faithful recreation of Splatoon The same rules apply: cover as much ground as possible in coloured ink Th more coloured ink at the end of the match wins. Check out a video of it in action here, and then go try it yourself by heading[...]
This New Mod For Grand Theft Auto V Makes Planes Very Angry
You know that scene in North by North West where Cary Grant is chased by a Plane? Well, imagine that, but you are in a Monster Truck, there are thirty planes and some of them are shooting missiles at you. That comes close to the chaos on show in this new Grand Theft Auto V mod[...]
Portal Stories: Mel Looks Like A Fantastic Portal 2 Mod With Its Own Story
In fact, I'd guess it's less likely to happen than happen. The game will continue to be supported by a modding community for a long time though Of that I have no doubt On that note, it looks like we might have a pretty interesting looking mod just on the horizon Portal Stories: Mel is currently[...]