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Green Arrow #37 cover by Juan Ferreyra
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Red Arrow has been shot by Moira Queen, Green Arrow's own mother Green Arrow and Black Canary can save her, but they also need to keep Moira, Merlin, and Shado from killing one another while Dante brings their base of operations crumbling down around them. On top of all this, the Trial of Oliver Queen[...]
Green Arrow #36 Review: Let the Arrows Fly
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Black Canary and Henry are going to retrieve Green Arrow from the wreckage of the Inferno, where Moira Queen left him. Shado is going after Broderick and Moira on behalf of the Ninth Circle It'll be up to Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Red Arrow to stop them and put an end to the Ninth[...]
Green Arrow #35 cover by Juan Ferreyra
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Green Arrow has left with his mother, Moira Queen, to search the bottom of the sea for the Inferno, the sunken bank-ship of the Inferno The goal is to retrieve the Queen fortune to save Moira and the city of Seattle However, Moira may not be as trustworthy as Ollie wants her to be. Meanwhile,[...]
Green Arrow #34 Review: Green Arrow Versus Ayn Rand
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Green Arrow just discovered that his mother, Moira Queen, is still alive, and she has been working with the Ninth Circle Needless to say, things just got a lot more complicated for Oliver Queen His trial is impending, and he currently has not strategy to win it. Meanwhile, the Clock King has launched a sustained[...]
Massive Spoilers And WTF Moments In Photos From Arrow's 100th Episode
We knew that characters like Laurel Lance, Robert Queen and Deathstroke would return and that it wouldn't be in a flashback or dream… but the images released by the CW show some very interesting things are in store… is this Barry Allen's doing? . . Possible spoilers below. . . . Here we see Laurel (Katie Cassidy) getting ready for her wedding[...]