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Learn How To Beat A Few Monsters In These Nintendo Monster Hunter 4 Guides
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is already selling pretty well, which is encouraging for the series It seems to be getting a tighter grip on the West unlike ever before With that though, comes new players and the Monster Hunter franchise can be pretty daunting for first time adopters I know I was very lost when[...]
Monster Hunter 4 Has Already Shipped 3 Million Copies On 3DS
This is some somewhat insane news. I knew Monster Hunter had a huge brand presence in Japan and a decent following in the West, but these recent numbers from Capcom are off the charts. A press release from Capcom (via NintendoLife) has shown that 3 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS have already been shipped worldwide[...]
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets A New Story Trailer With Close To No Story
The truth is that some mobile series is probably the biggest, but if we are talking strictly consoles, Monster Hunter is certainly up there. That's why the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate should be a huge event in the far east The game is launching with the New 3DS on February 13th, allowing players to[...]