Learn How To Beat A Few Monsters In These Nintendo Monster Hunter 4 Guides

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is already selling pretty well, which is encouraging for the series. It seems to be getting a tighter grip on the West unlike ever before. With that though, comes new players and the Monster Hunter franchise can be pretty daunting for first time adopters. I know I was very lost when I first jumped into Monster Hunter 3.

If you are one of those and have found yourself floundering at some the game's gargantuan creatures, Nintendo have released a few guides to give you a hand. In particular, they've focused on Tetsucabra, Great Jaggi and Gore Magala, but even if you are stuck on something else, I'm sure you will find a few pointers you can adopt for different situations.




Sadly I've not been able to jump into the game yet, so I can't give you any impressions. I hear it's great though. I'd love to see what some of you guy's experiences have been so far.

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