Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets A New Story Trailer With Close To No Story

Monster Hunter is one of the biggest game franchise in Japan, at least in the way we think about 'franchises' in the west. The truth is that some mobile series is probably the biggest, but if we are talking strictly consoles, Monster Hunter is certainly up there.

That's why the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate should be a huge event in the far east. The game is launching with the New 3DS on February 13th, allowing players to trackdown and kill a whole plethora of beasts.

The series isn't exactly known for its robust storytelling, but here is a trailer that is going to try and convey what's going on.


You know what? I don't know its trailers are that great at telling the story either. That was basically all gameplay which, to be honest, is probably the thing everyone is interested in anyways.

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