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Thor's Comic Review Column – Judge Dredd, He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Vol. 3, Monster & Madman, The Delinquents, Captain Marvel, Little Nemo: Return To Slumberland
This Week's Reviews: Judge Dredd #22 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Volume 3 Monster & Madman The Delinquents #1 Captain Marvel #6 Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1 Judge Dredd #22 (IDW Publishing) By Bart Bishop Judge Dredd It's a name synonymous with justice for almost 40 years Originating in the UK magazine 2000 AD, John Wagner created[...]
47 Thoughts About 47 Comics – Forever Evil, Original Sin, Batman Eternal, Saga, Harley Quinn, Magnus, The Shadow x2, Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Velvet, Prophet, Solar, Doop, Rogue Trooper, Red Hood, Star Mage, Batman And Frankenstein, Wonder Woman, Batman/Superman, Justice League Of America, Hulk, Windblade, Star Slammers, Indestructible, THUNDER Agents, Invincible, East Of West, Mind The Gap,  Zero, TMNT,  V Wars, 7th Sword, Dexter's Lab, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Monster & Madman, Artifacts, Battlestar Galactica, Pathfinder, Flash Gordon, Rocket Girl, Six Million Dollar Man, Green Hornet, The Bunker and Amy Devlin
Thank you, Monster & Madman #3 Artifacts #37 is full of the smart, erudite humor you've all come to expect from Top Cow I'm still trying to work it out. While A Voice in the Dark #7, the conclusion to volume 1 of Larime Taylor's creator-owned epic, gives a genuinely distressing glimpse into the thought process of[...]
37 Thoughts About 37 Comics – The Movement, Detective Comics, Stormwatch, Crossed, Inhuman, Green Lantern, Caliban, Starlight, Action Comics, Field, She-Hulk, Dead Letters, Beautiful Scars, God Is Dead, Loki, New Warriors, Captain America, Revelations, Green Arrow, Garfield, Suicide Risk, Pretty Deadly, Secret, Revival, Adventure Time, Quantum And Woody, GI Joe, Artifacts, Sinister Dexter,  Gate Way, Rogue Trooper, Monster & Madman, Judge Dredd, Green Hornet, Shotgun Wedding, Turok Dinosaur Hunter and Archer And Armstrong
And from attraction… To repulsion, with Monster & Madman #2 What happened to good old fashioned voyeuristic fascination? Judge Dredd Mega-City Two #3 shows us that Siri doesn't actually get that much better. You know, it might not have been quite so amusing if those with guns were slightly better shots There's being an adrenaline junkie, and there's[...]
Niles And Worm Bring Frankenstein's Creature To Whitechapel
And it's a super-monster team-up special… The Frankenstein Monster and Jack The Ripper. In Monster & Madman a lost soul, Frankenstein's monster seeks refuge from his waking life but finds no comfort in the bitter harshness of his surroundings He sets out to free himself from his lonely isolation and during this journey he finds himself at[...]