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the cuphead show
Kettler (Carmen Sandiego) executive producing for King Features, The Cuphead Show! was first announced back in July 2019, and now viewers are getting a look behind the scenes with the creative team as well as voice actors Tru Valentino (Cuphead) and Frank Todaro (Mugman) for an update on how production is going. A new look at[...]
the cuphead show
While the game's main storyline of Cuphead and his brother Mugman's deal with The Devil is expected to remain, the series will have the opportunity to expand the game's universe by focusing on new characters, locations, and narratives Netflix Animation is set to produce, with Emmy and Annie award winner Dave Wasson (Mickey Mouse Shorts)[...]
Funko FunkO's Cereal Collage
Now these pop culture icons will join you for breakfast! In July, Mega Man will be available at GameStop, Cuphead & Mugman  will be available at Hot Topic, Freddy FunkO's will be available through Funko, Nightmare On Elm Street's Freddy Krueger and Friday the 13th's Jason will be available at FYE, and The Lord of the[...]