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Funko Pop! Blitz Launches New Limited-Time Event With Pusheen
N3TWORK announced today that Funko Pop! Blitz is launching a new limited-time crossover event, this time around with Pusheen The game will bring in everyone's favorite tabby cat in an effort to bring a few extra smiles and laughter for the official Funko Pop! mobile game, as you'll have a chance to play and collect[...]
Guillermo Del Toro’s Trollhunters Comes To Funko Pop! Blitz
The team over at N3TWORK along with Netflix and Funko have come together for a special short-time event in which you can collect characters from the Guillermo del Toro TV series in the game As you can see here, five of the characters have been added tot he match-three puzzle game, as the event kicked[...]
Tetris Beat Will Soon Be Released On Apple Arcade
The Tetris franchise is getting a whole new game on Apple Arcade as N3TWORK will be releasing Tetris Beat in the near future This is one of those weird combo games where they are taking the classic game we have grown up with for decades and fusing it with exclusive music and innovative rhythm mechanics,[...]
The Boys Drops Into Legendary: Game Of Heroes For A Special Event
N3TWORK and Dynamite Entertainment have come together for a special The Boys event happening in Legendary: Game Of Heroes For the next five weeks, Legendary: Game of Heroes players will encounter some familiar faces as characters from The Boys comic book series will drop in across the universe You'll do battle against evil Supes through[...]
"Tetris" Is Now Available On Mobile Devices From N3TWORK
N3TWORK announced this week that they have published an official version of Tetris for mobile devices, both on via the App Store and Google Play The company had already released a version of the game back in June 2019 called Tetris Royale, acting as a battle royale version of the game This one is the original for fans[...]