NBA 2K18

2K Games Will Shut Down "NBA 2K18" Servers This Month

Those of you who are still playing NBA 2K18 won't be doing it for much longer online, as 2K Games will be shutting down the servers. The official date for the servers to come down will be January 18th, 2020. Meaning you have less than two weeks to do whatever you want to do with […]

'Ink', 'MvCI', & 'NBA 2K18' For Video Game Releases: Sept. 19-25

A lot of good games are coming out this week, so here's a quick list of what's out for you to choose from. Spend wisely, and as always, have fun! September 19 36 Fragments of Midnight (Vita) Atomega (PC) Blackguards 2 (PS4, XB1) Burly Men at Sea (PS4, Vita) End Space [VR] (PS4) Factotum 90 […]

You'll Need More Memory To Play 'NBA 2K18' On Nintendo Switch

Reports are coming out from various outlets that the Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 is going to need a lot more memory than you expect just to run the game. The reason people are getting up in arms is the amount of space required just to run it on the console, which the math […]

'Maize', 'Transcripted', & 'Metroid' In Video Game Releases: Sept. 12-18

It's been a while since we've had a moment to write out a list, but here's a complete list of games out this week. Choose your games wisely, and remember to have fun. September 12 Bloody Zombies (PS4) Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim (PS4) DreamBreak (PS4) Get Over Here (PS4) Happy Dungeons (PS4) Inside/Limbo Double […]

Could 'NBA 2K18' Be Getting Amiibo's For Nintendo Switch?

Probably the oddest news of the day that might actually sell really well, news is going around that the version of NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch may be getting amiibos. According to Nintendo's Japanese website, the game will come with amiibo support for the Nintendo Switch version, which mean not seem like a big deal […]

Shaq Dunks His Way To The NBA 2K18 Legend Covers

Shaquille O'Neal Makes his glorious return to the 2K Games series, this time taking up the cover of both the Legend editions of the 2K18 titles. The former NBA player turned color analyst for TNT (primarily known for playing Center for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat) previous held both the 2K6 and […]