Neo Cab

Lil Wayne Stars In Latest "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" Ad

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for October 1-7, 2019

Check out the entire list of releases this week below, choose your games wisely, and as always, have fun![caption id="attachment_1048644" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: XSEED Games[/caption]October 1st80 DAYS (Switch) Burgertime Party! (Switch) Call of Duty: Mobile (Mobile) Destiny 2: Shadowkeep (PC, PS4, XB1) Lanternium (Switch) Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 (PS4) One Night Stand (PS4, Switch) ReadySet Heroes (PC, PS4) Roman Rumble In[...]

Chance Agency's Neo Cab is a Futuristic Cab Driving Simulator

As part of the PC Gaming Show, Chance Agency released a world premiere of Neo Cab's gameplay Chance Agency describes it as an emotional survival game about staying human in a world disrupted by automation So, you know, it's a future Uber driver simulator, pretty much.The official description reads: You play as Lina, the last human driver[...]