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Deathstroke #28 cover by Ryan Sook
With Defiance split apart, Deathstroke returns to his old ways, killing, threatening, and getting paid for it. First, he must check in on two problems: Super-Man of China Kong Kenan and Rose's nighttime killings in Chinatown. Does it make for a good read?
Another Two Reasons New Super-Man Could Sell A Million
Bleeding Cool has reported on how recent changes in DC Entertainment distribution in East Asia could lead to their new series New Super-Man performing rather well in the Chinese market, starring as it does, a 17 year old Chinese lead Kenan Kong, transformed into the lead character. Well, it looks as if they are going for[...]
How DC Comics Could Sell A Million Copies Of Superman A Month This Year
Last week eBook distributor Trajectory and DC Comics announced a deal to expand the comic book publisher's digital footprint to global eBook retailers and libraries in North America and eventually Europe, Asia, South America and additional international markets. Trajectory currently does major business in China including including ebook distribution through Amazon China, Dangdang, Xiaomi and Tencent.  Like[...]
Batman/Superman #32 – The First Appearance Of The Chinese New Super-Man?
And the first appearance of the character who will become Kenan Kong, The New Super-Man Formed from genetic matrixes and super-solar flares… We have reason to believe there's a possibility he may become very popular indeed We#ll tell you why later Speculators, get ready… DC Comics media partner ComicBook has a preview of this week's Batman/Superman #32. And[...]