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Rainbow Six Siege Reveales Next Season Content With Northstar
Ubisoft revealed the next season of content coming to Rainbow Six Siege with the latest operative to join the roster, Northstar We have the rundown of the character below, but the shorthand is that defense is getting a new medic addition to help fortify the point However, her gear can heal anyone, friend or foe,[...]
Iceman coming out day
It allows young LGBTQ+ people the opportunity to see themselves in their favourite stories and feel strengthened by the chance to be seen as a valid part of the world (and hopefully see some positive possibilities for his future), but it's also important for non-LGBTQ+ citizens to see these people and their stories — to[...]
Trademark Office Suspends Marvel's Registration Of 'Northstar'
Not only has Hercules been straightened out, but Northstar has had his trademark application suspended. A trademark registration was made on February 11th by Marvel for the name Northstar for "Comic books; printed periodicals in the field of comic book stories and artwork" Bleeding Cool reported this is part of speculation that Northstar may be[...]
When Jack The Ripper Flashed Northstar In Hell
Thanks to today's Amazing X-Men #2, we all got a lovely image of the demonic hellion form of Jack The Ripper flashing Northstar in hell. And, from what it appears to be, firing hot knives at Northstar from… his urethra? Whatever is going on there, I'd rather that Ed McGuinness shielded it from view… Comics courtesy of Orbital[...]
Amazing X-Men #1 From Jason Aaron And Ed McGuinness Features Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Firestar, Iceman, Northstar, And… Nightcrawler
Amazing X-Men #1 will feature Wolverine, Storm, Firestar, Iceman, Beast, Northstar, and Nightcrawler. And more news spinning out of today's X-Men panel, here's a new series launch for November from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness Amazing X-Men #1 will feature Wolverine, Storm, Firestar, Iceman, Beast, Northstar, and Nightcrawler. And more news spinning out of today's[...]
John Byrne's Second Same-Sex Wedding Proposal In A Year
Though I know to what extent some people will go to get original comic art by the man. No, I mean that last year, we had Astonishing X-Men, in which Northstar decided to pop the question to a certain boyfriend of his And then got married in a big media ceremony. And then there was today's proposal[...]
That X-Men Gay Wedding Scene Hits eBay
You may kiss the grooms... Mike Perkins, artist of Astonishing X-Men #51 is selling pages from that issue, but this is probably the one that will go for
Thursday Runaround – Life In Hell Freezes Over
Afterward, comics fans posed with the newlyweds and purchased newly released copies of the Northstar/Kyle-themed Astonishing X-Men No 51 After cutting a cake emblazoned with images of Northstar and Kyle, the pair reportedly moved to a nearby hotel for a private superhero-themed reception. OatWatch: The Guardian looks at the wider implications of the Oatmeal/Funny Junk case. Web[...]
Thirteen Gay Weddings In Four Comic Stores For Astonishing X-Men #51
Next week, Marvel publishes Astonishing X-Men #51, featuring the marriage of X-Man Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle, one day early And some people are making quite the celebration. Collectors Corner in Baltimore, familiar to Bleeding Cool readers, are celebrating their own gay wedding as two longtime customers renew their vows for an event instore  to celebrate[...]
Orbital Comics Hires Gay Club For Astonishing X-Men #51 Party
And on Frith Street, lies CIRCA, a gay club that opened last year. To celebrate the wedding of Northstar & Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #51 Orbital will be hosting a wedding reception/party at there on Tuesday June 19 from 7:15pm. There will be cheap drinks, Northstar & Kyle-themed cocktails, dancing, and copies of the issue available for[...]
The Missing Spider-Wedding
Here's the cover to the Retailer customizable cover for Astonishing X-Men #51, which would allow a store to add their own wedding photo alongside the
Marvel's Gay Marriage News To Hit The View
Just as DC Comics is turning the headlines purple with the news at Kapow that a previously established character would be rebooted as a gay person, so Marvel Comics announced they have their own headlines in mind. Tune into ABC at 11a/10a E/C tomorrow as the hosts of ABC's The View exclusively reveal a major Marvel[...]
Astonishing X-Men Collection Of The Marriage Issues To Be Called 'Northstar'
Even if Marvel can't say, for want of spoiling a media PR deal with a national newspaper. But the listing for the hardcover collection on Amazon makes it a little clearer. The book is called Astonishing X-Men: Northstar. Repercussions from the infighting among the X-Men's old guard reach the tight-knit New Mutants: Cannonball, Sunspot, Magma, Cypher, Warlock, Karma[...]
Marvel To Release Astonishing X-Men #50 One Day Early
Worried that Marvel's big media release on Tuesday, May 22nd for Astonishing X-Men #50 and the marriage proposal therein will spoil your enjoyment… of the issue on sale the next day? In which either Northstar or Kyle proposes, and the other accepts,? Never fear! If you can just put off reading the newspapers featuring either Northstar[...]
Marvel Plans A Gay Marriage Media Furore For Astonishing X-Men
We've already reported on the upcoming nuptials of X-Man Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle in Astonishing X-Men Marvel is still being oh so coy on the details and I'm starting to wonder if Rictor and Shatterstar or Hulking and Wiccan will pop by to make it triple gay wedding. Anyway, Marvel have told retailers today, regarding[...]
Thursday Trending Topics: Your Kiss Is On Our List
But love was in the air at BC today, including this list of comic book kisses for the week. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Marvel Invites You To The Wedding Of Northstar And Kyle  When people ask you to "save the date" for a wedding they're usually a little more specific than giving you an entire month. The Brazilian Military[...]