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How Canine Knowledge Got Sam Humphries An Exclusive Deal At Marvel
It seems only the other day that Sam Humphries was writing and self distributing the Our Love Is Real comic, that made a splash with, what this Marvel press release calls "unconventional subject matter" And what every reporting website will be calling a love story between a Judge Dredd-type figure and his dog Which was[...]
The Polyamory And Fluid Sexuality In Uncanny X-Force
Mike Hogan writes; When the creative team behind the new volume of Uncanny X-Force was announced, I wondered if Sam Humphries would bring the same kind of boundary-challenging ideas that we've seen in Our Love is Real to the new Uncanny X-Force That answer came quickly when two-thirds of the fractured Fantomex ended the first issue[...]
Finding Gossamyr To Micro-Distribute Retailer Variant Covers
And that, for the estimated 2000 Diamond accounts, maybe 200 of those may represent the vast majority of those comics' sales. Recently, books like Sacrifice, Our Love Is Real and Scam have specialised in micro-distribution, high profile, high concept, very professional looking books that have circumnavigated Diamond and distributed directly to select stores Although the books[...]
San Diego Comic Con Gets Zombified In Sam Humphries' Fanboys Vs Zombies
He's scored monster self distribution hits with Our Love Is Real and Sacrifice But before writing about Mayan sacrifice and man-on-dog sex, he wrote Fraggle Rock comics. Quite a jump. And in April he's writing a new ongoing series for Boom!, Fanboys Vs Zombies, drawn by Jerry Gaylord Humberto Ramos draws the cover for the first issue,[...]
Hot Comics – One Hundred Dollar Club (Nov 2011)
Current market price $128. Our Love Is Real #1 first print by Sam Humnphries and Steven Sanders Cover price $3 Current market price $125. The Walking Dead #3 by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore Cover price $2.99 Current market price $115. Invincible #1 by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker from Image, Cover price $2.95 Current market price $114. Uncanny[...]
A Taxonomy Of Our Love Is Real by Sam Humphries
Our Love Is Real is a comic book by Sam Humphries and Steve Sanders that Bleeding Cool embraced when we discovered this Judge-Dredd-zoophilia book being self published Today it is in comic stores worldwide courtesy of Image Comics, although it appears a number of stores received severe allocations Nevertheless this is probably your best chance[...]
Our Love Is Real: The Image Edition Debuts Early At New York Comic Con
Here's the cover to the Image edition of the small press hit Our Love Is Real by Sam Humphries and Steve Sanders It's out in three weeks, but one hundred copies will be on sale this week at the New York Comic Con at the Image booth (1346) from the creators… Here's the cover to[...]
Our Love Is Real Uses Speculation For Good
Our Love Is Real has been the speculation book of 2011, with copies of the first print topping $100 on eBay. Which makes it a perfect choice for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to use it to raise money on eBay as well Especially considering the subject matter is about a zoophile violent policeman falling[...]
Our Love Is Real Gives Bleeding Cool Readers A Last Chance
Bleeding Cool has learned that before Our Love Is Real moves to Image Comics, Sam Humphries and Steve Sanders are creating one final secret fourth self-published printing of the comic Entitled The Crystal Edition and limited to a hundred copies (the previous three prints had three hundred copies printed each, making a cool thousand), and[...]
Our Love Is Real Moves To Image Comics
Bleeding Cool was very happy to help raise the profile of Our Love Is Real just before publication. So, it's not exactly parental pride, but possible the pride of a distant great uncle twenty-seven times removed over the news that Our Love Is Real by Sam Humphries and Steve Sanders has been picked up by Image. For[...]
The Ultimate Our Love Is Real Package – Starting At $190
Our Love Is Real has been a real cause celebre for Bleeding Cool, and the authors kindly credited us for their comics instant sell out of all three printings, and the attention that saw the first print hit $50. Well now the creators are offering the ultimate Our Love Is Real deal on eBay All three[...]
Our Love Is Real #1 Sells For $40, Second Print Coming
Yesterday, the three hundred copies of Bleeding Cool-picked Our Love Is Real #1 went on sale to an instant sell out Stores reported restricting sales to one per person, and turning away orders for multiople copies on the phone or online. Meltdown Comics tweeted; Only instore sales for Our Love Is Real at $3.99 Sorry peeps[...]
Speculator Watch: Our Love Is Real by Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you about Our Love Is Real, a 300 copy limited edition comic book published today, from Fraggle Rock's Sam Humphries and X-Men's Steve Sanders. It's about a Judge Dredd who fucks dogs. It feels in many ways like early Transmetropolitan, a younger Warren Ellis married with the outrageous instincts of Garth Ennis on[...]