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"The Outsider": Stephen King, Cynthia Erivo & More Dissect Episodes 3 & 4 [VIDEO]

As the "Stephen King-ification" of the world rolls along to our total and utter liking, HBO's adaptation of the author's bestselling supernatural novel The Outsider finally reached its January 12, 2020, premiere date - and what a two-episode premiere ("Fish in a Barrel"/"Roanoke") it was! But third episode "Dark Uncle" was the one we were[...]

Questions To Be Answered In Justice League #23

Whoever it is, they've been from Earth Three all along...The identity of The Outsider.. although is it that much of mystery now? But how did he get here?Which member of the Justice League Of America will appear to die Expect an internet furore.And new questions to be asked...Such as the identity of the prisoner the[...]

Did DC Comics Spoil The Identity Of The Outsider In Trinity War?

The Outsider.A few of us have has a theory as to who exactly, The Leader of the Secret Society is The Outsider It's been pieced together, the identity of the Silver Age Outsider, the fact that he knows where Batman lives, he has a map of the Batcave, he knows Catwoman's identity and the rest.Billy[...]

Outsider, X-Factor, And Superboy – Wednesday Trending Topics

Then come back once you have. So Who Is That Mysterious Outsider Anyway? Clues From Justice League Of America, Vibe And DC Promos...  So who is The Outsider? This week’s Justice League Of America #4 continues to give clues… Most-Read TV/Film Stories Wednesday: The Wolverine — The Bleeding Cool Review It looks as if the same thought has occurred to Lauren[...]