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From Fringe To September

From Fringe To September

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool Fringe, much like BBC Radio 4 (Trust me, I'm going somewhere with this) is a perfect example of what happens when you leave something alone to grow and develop on its own terms. What started out as a show with pretty much exactly the same premise as The X-Files […]

Digital Delights &#8211 Peter Bishop Writes Fringe

Digital Delights – Peter Bishop Writes Fringe

And Joshua Jackson, who plays Peter Bishop on the show, has written a comic book for DC, only being released digitally, for 99 cents...FacebookDelight: Graphic.Ly have launched a Facebook app so creators and publishers to embed a comic on a Facebook page, to read or buy....ThingDelight: In time for the latest The Thing, Dark Horse[...]