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Save FilmStruck- Turner, WB Digital to Shut Down Streaming Service
Digital are deciding to shut it down by the end of November. This announcement was met with an immediate call to "Save FilmStruck", and a petition was launched Not that it'll do a lot of good to save the service, but it's nice to know there are supporters of such a collection of classic and indie[...]
Starz Petitions FCC for a Big Apple Return to Optimum
Starz has filed two petitions with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a move to legally require Altice to restore the channels to their NYC-based Optimum Systems In the first petition, Starz argues that Altice broke FCC rules by removing the channels before the 30-day notice period The second petition asks the commission to require[...]
Joss Whedon
This has prompted some fans to create a petition demanding a Zack Snyder cut of the film be released by Warner Bros, restoring Snyder's vision and proving that Justice League would have been a smash hit and a critical masterpiece if only Snyder hadn't been thwarted. But others disagreed, and started a petition demanding that a[...]
An Online Petition Wants Loot Boxes Classified As Gambling
Now there's a petition online asking for your signature to classify loot boxes as gambling. The petition is trying to get 75k signatures and they're slowly closing in on that number If you believe in what the petition has to say, you can sign your name to it here Whether or not it actually leads[...]
Wonder Woman Dropped As UN Ambassador Within Two Months
The position was the UN's Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. The petition (targeting Ban Ki-moon) stated a couple of issues based on the appropriateness of a fictional character being used in such a position: …award this key ambassadorial role to Wonder Woman, relegating the importance of the issue of gender equality and the empowerment[...]
Comic Con Doesn't Sign Up To Petition To Keep It In San Diego
San Diego shoppers are facing multiple petitions at their favourite stores in support of an initiative to keep San Diego Comic Con in San Diego. But the petition is called "The Citizens' Plan for the Responsible Management of Major Tourism and Entertainment Resources" and proposed by attorney Cory Briggs of San Diegans for Open Government. It would increase hotel room[...]
Over 3000 Sign Petition To Revoke Adam Baldwin's Invite To Supernova Over #Gamergate
However a number of those who object to his support for the #Gamergate controversy are trying to get him uninvited, with a petition. In one specific instance, Baldwin directly linked to videos that disclosed the personal details (commonly known as "doxxing") of game developers Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu to his several thousand twitter followers[...]
A Petition To Moffat And McGann To Make An Eighth Doctor Series
It's nothing but shore]  named Theodore Stone was so impressed by the few minutes of the Eighth Doctor that he decided to start a petition on urging Steven Moffat and McGann to make an Eighth Doctor series… For 17 years, we only had the TV Movie to satisfy our appetite for a Live-Action Eighth Doctor[...]
The Orson Scott Card Story Is Not Going Away – Firing Petition Tops 6,000
He's not artistically censored by being denied two issues of a work-for-hire Superman comic, and DC could say, "we don't want to put money in the pocket of someone who thinks gay people should be jailed if they're too gay." And just as there is a petition to get Orson Scott Card fired from Superman, now[...]