An Online Petition Wants Loot Boxes Classified As Gambling

Over the past few weeks, it's hard to find a podcast or show that hasn't talked about Loot Boxes in some form as gambling. A conversation only fueled by Star Wars: Battlefront II's horrible system, along with Call Of Duty: WWIICS:GO, and Overwatch used as examples. If this trend continues to grow, you're more than likely going to see some kind of lawsuit down the road, as it only takes one kid charging $30k to his parent's credit card to set the wheels in motion. Now there's a petition online asking for your signature to classify loot boxes as gambling.

An Online Petition Wants Loot Boxes Classified As Gambling

The petition is trying to get 75k signatures and they're slowly closing in on that number. If you believe in what the petition has to say, you can sign your name to it here. Whether or not it actually leads the ESRB to make any kind of changes is another story. But considering the outrage going around about it right now over so many games, I can't imagine this not having some kind of impact if the signatures get into six-digit territory.

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