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Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Chicago Bulls is the subject of The Last Dance, courtesy of ESPN.
Directed by Jason Hehir (The Fab Five, Andre the Giant) and produced by Mandalay Sports Media in association with NBA Entertainment and Jump 23, The Last Dance chronicles one of the greatest icons and most successful teams in sports history: Jordan and the 1990's Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls is the subject of The[...]
Trailer: “The Last Dance” 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls
The trailer teases new interviews with Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippin, and basically every important person involved with the Bulls 1990's dynasty It also teases tons of behind the scenes footage from locker rooms and such Watch the trailer for the documentary below: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Trailer: "The Last Dance"[...]
Barack Obama shooting hoops
Phil Jackson has lost touch with how to build a contending NBA franchise He may trade Kristaps Porziņģis! Carmelo Anthony is gone as soon as possible, and pretty soon, they will be next to unwatchable This is not what James Dolan wants Who better to bring in and help guide everything in the right direction[...]